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With over 50 years experience serving hundreds of clients across a wide spectrum of industries and nonprofit organizations, we have cultivated a uniquely effective tool kit. But, in sum, it's the practical application of life experience that created the “spark” that delivered the results for our clients. Yes, we bring creativity, cutting edge talent, “fresh eyes” approach and management strengths to the table. Simply put, because we are much more than that - or the latest social media trend or technology - we will help you attain what matters most to you.

The Movement
The Movement
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One-winged Hawk Story
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Legacy Grandkids
Legacy Grandkids

Tech for You?

Every day one thing you can count on is that at least something will change. Whether it’s a good or a bad change is hard to predict. Will the change influence you? Well that’s easier to prognosticate, especially if we are talking about Big Data.

We all have heard the term Big Data. But do we really understand what Big Data manipulation means for us? Most likely the answer is no.

So, here’s a tip. Big Data manipulation has changed our lives already and will undoubtedly be playing major life changing, manipulative roles, in a variety of ways, for all of us in foreseeable days ahead – whether we approve or not. - RB

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Hanging Out

After a bazillion years of writing for lots of people and signing their names to various articles and speeches, I decided to "let it all hangout" and sign my own name. Below are a few of my less controversial offerings to the world. - RB

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